High Above Mother Russia

A fifteen hour flight halfway around the world would incite boredom in most people. I managed to keep entertained most of the trip between blogging and watching a few on flight movies.

More than halfway through our flight on my trip to the toilets I took a peak out the window at the snowy hills down below.


This is the first time I had ever laid my eyes on this forested snowy land that my family hails from.

As I lifted the sun blind and peaked at the snowy hills I felt like I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the vast land 40,000 feet below our jet as we streaked father west towards Asia.

I want so badly to travel these lands some day and explore Russia and Siberia.

Most of my grandmothers family perished here in the concentration camps during World War Two and it’s a part of family history that I think is important to never forget.

To be honest, there are so many amazing places that I would like to visit.

I just love traveling, and I always adore flying.

One day, I would even like to charter a private jet similar to one of these Jettly Charters.

Traveling via private jet sounds so luxurious, it must be so fun to have a whole plane to yourself.

Anyway, I’m sure my grandmother, who has never even been on a plane, never dreamed that one day I would fly over these snowy hills and look at this snowy world where our family hailed from down below in the snowy woods.