Armpits and Dosas; Morning in Bangalore

I survived my first armpit filled plane ride in India and my first voyeur Indian showering experience. Now I’m sitting on the balcony of our apartment in Bangalore drinking earthy India chicory coffee and singing vintage Garth Brooks in the morning sunshine. It took us thirty hours of flying literally half way around the world yesterday to get to this sunny early morning in Bangalore this morning.

After thirty hours of travel, mainly sitting on a cramped armpit smelling plane for over twenty hours I was dying for a shower this morning. I felt like my henna stained hair no longer reeked of henna but has instead soaked up the planes musky armpit odor.

A morning shower is a simple experience that should not be blog worthy but in my crazy adventuresome life there is always something.

For example I had just shampooed my entire head when I realized I could look out the none shower curtain covered window and look into the apartment next door.

Well I’ll just shower quickly and keep an eye out to make sure there is no one in the apartment watching me, I thought.

Than I saw a shape wandering through the apartment.

I really did not want to offend an old woman with my naked body (or make a creeps day) so I got into the squat position and had the rest of my shower in that position.

Now that I have showered and worked out all at the same time I’m dying for some masala breakfast dosas!

Good morning India; I am in you!