“For a Lady!”

   “Do you have any nice cars for ladies?”
   Don’t you always ask this when visiting a car dealership? I usually walk right in, loudly yell that I need to urinate RIGHT NOW because my small lady bladder is so full, than I slam my giant purse (Full of make up, tampons and fashion magazines) on the counter and ask if they have any cars specifically built to carry diapers, strollers and all the cakes I made while bare foot in the kitchen.
   Okay, the only part of that being true would be the part about me baking cakes barefoot.
   I do that.
   Today’s rant is brought to you by the letter S for sexism. I’ve bought multiple cars in the past from places like https://www.hyundaiofanderson.com/ and have always received fantastic customer service. However, when I visited a local dealership today, I wasn’t impressed!
   Seriously, the other day I walked onto a Nissan dealership to  check out the Nissan Juke and the first thing the salesman said to me was
   “This is a great car for a woman”
   Really? Is this the 1920’s? Because I thought this was 2012 and I had the right to vote and didn’t need a car with a built in tampon dispenser.
    I did tell the sale man
  “Well, I don’t think it’s right for me than, as I need it for off roading, camping and carrying lumber” (In reality, replace the word lumber with cats, lots and lots of cats)
    That is what I said but really the Nissan Juke all wheel drive does not come in a manual transmission. Boo. How ridiculous is that? Damn California and our horribly congested freeways. Apparently California is phasing out all their manual transmissions.
    Thanks Tustin Nissan Dealership for giving me something to blog about.


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Had to laugh. About 2 yrs ago we looked at a BMW. Or maybe Mercedes, I get them confused. The salesboy says something lik e, “look maam at all the room for groceries. Now let me show you how to open the trunk….here in the driver’s seat and passenger seat are mirrors on the sunshade and a compartment for your lipstick”. Seriously. He explained each component like I am from Saudi Arabia and havr never driven. Then he drives us off the lot and does two long loops around the neighborhood to show me how it drives. Mike finally says to “let the lady drive”. I get in, floored the mofo, squealed around a turn all mtn folk like, and when he was about to speak, I conveniently slammed the breaks. Tee hee. When the dealership called, all sad we didnt buy a car, Mike told them it was because they treated his wife like an inbecile, the salesboy was sexist etc.

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