Five Days

    Its been five days since I have run.
    Its been five days since I have walked any where with out limping horribly and favoring my left foot.
    Its been five days of stress followed by compulsively staring at the gash on my left foot and praying for it to fucking heal already.
    Ive spent the last five days wondering why my foot hurts so fucking bad and wondering if I will get laughed at if I go to urgent care because I have a minor cut on my foot.
    A cut that I’m worried is infected.
    What I’m really worried about is I think there might be a part of nature in my foot still.
    I think that when I was walking around barefoot at the river a few days back that I got a piece of a stick or bark or some kind of foreign object stuck in my foot and I think it is still in there.
    I’ve spent five days pondering if I should go to urgent care for such a simple thing, and I feel like they will just look at my foot and say
    “Yes, you cut your foot, no we cant do anything about it” and send me on my way.
     So instead of urgent care I consulted with some friends about some holistic measures to heal my foot and the verdict has been Epsom salts.
     Apparently Epsom salts should make what ever is stuck in my foot come to the surface.
    So I have been soaking my foot in warm Epsom salt water for the last few days, twice a day and I’m finally feeling some relief!
    I’m also dying to know what the mysterious object is that is lodged inside my insole  
    ???? if it ever comes to the surface.
    Why am I completely freaking out over my foot pain?
    Because my second trek up Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States is six days away and I have not worked out in a week now!
    I have images in my mind of my leg muscles shriveling by the day and I’m super stressing about climbing mountains.
    I need to get better, like today.
    Training injuries are no fun although this injury didn’t exactly come as I was training since I was sipping on margaritas in a bathing suit at the time!