Father Know’s Best?

     So here is today’s rant from  AmberZombie.
     My father is concerned about my Face Book page.
     He is concerned because according to Face Book I’m interested in men.
     He thinks this makes me look cheap.
My Face Book page has always said this, its nothing new that I updated in the last few weeks since all these shenanigans have gone down.
     I tried to explain to him, the only other option Face Book gives me is to say I’m interested in Women.
     Is this really what you want Dad?
     For the record, 
every time I  go to church with my parents our church gets more and more homophobic, which yeah, even I,  being pretty f’ing conservative,  have a problem with.
Yet, my parents think that rather then look like a common floozy I should change my options to say I’m into girls?
Is this really the best solution?
Do you really think harassing Dad into getting a Face Book page was the best solution now, Sean? (My brother)
I liked It better when Dad was just addicted to Farmville.


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