Yesterdays run was a complete fail.
    I admited defeat yesterday morning at five A.M. as I sat in my shiny new Subaru, willing myself not to puke all over the new car smell and trying not to pass out.
    Yesterday was an insanely busy day for me. I cleaned a house in Lake Arrowhead for four hours, than went to work down the mountain at my real job for eight hours. That was in the 109 degree heat. It was 93 degrees up here in the mountains and it never gets that hot up here! That is why I live up here with the birds and the squirrels and my meth filled neighbors, yea. (Who were also up at five A.M. but that’s because they were smoking pot at five A.M. Gross.)
   I might have almost passed out after a simple run of only three miles but at least today I didn’t pee in front of a stranger.
   That was my run last week.
   You think your all alone in the forest at five a.m. until you pop a squat in front of your neighbor.
   Yeah, that’s right, some times I pee in the forest.
   And some times my neighbors just happen to also be out for a morning jog at six A.M. and almost or probably see me.
  Shit, shouldn’t all my neighbors be sleeping off the meth at this hour?
   Maybe they will think my white, white ass is just a meth induced dream?
  Except the fellow runner I met on the dusty dirt trails the other morning does not have that meth mouth that I’m used too. Yes, it appears I have em- bare-assed my self yet again.
   But back to yesterday and my pathetic attempt to exercise before a twelve hour work day.
   I did have a glass of wine the night before my epic fail at running.
   Okay, if I’m being completely honest I had a beer mug full of wine. I broke both my wine glasses in two separate incidents the other day so now I’m reduced to drinking wine out of a beer mug like a hobo. If hobo’s enjoyed a chilled Pinot Grigio, that is.
   So technically I had about two “glasses” of wine. I felt great when I bounded out of bed at four thirty. Alicia and I started running the back streets of my home town before the sun had even begun to rise on the streets of Running Springs. I love running at this time of the morning and watching the sun rise above the pine tree covered ridges of our national forest. The beginning of this run is mostly up hills and half a mile in I was feeling fatigued. I had striped down to my tank and yoga pants already and the sun wasn’t even up! I felt pasty and beyond sweaty and I knew this was bad news. A couple miles in I had to give up and head back. Keep in mind, Alicia has a broken wrist and a full cast up to her shoulder and yet she wanted to keep going a few more miles. I am such a wuss. I’d like to blame the heat, I mean, it was only five A.M. but probably already seventy.
   I need to take a break from running until this heat wave passes. I’m dying to do a morning run as the sun rises above the pines at Snow Valley Ski Resort, but right now it’s just to hot. I love the erie abandoned ski lefts swinging in the breeze as I run past during the ski resorts dark season. The hills of Slide Peak are perfect for practicing for my Mt Baldy run. That is coming up in less than a month! One thing is for sure, I will never do another race in the summer time. This heat is making me hate running right now. I wish I could just take a break until the fall, but I don’t want to loss all my muscle for Baldy.