Eating, fishing, sweating; A day in the the mountains

This is a story about a girl, not your average girl. I was born and raised in Southern California. No I don’t surf. Honestly I can’t even swim. I live in the San Bernardino Mountains, and no I don’t Ski either.  And I definitely don’t snowboard. I don’t have blond hair, I’m a horrible dancer (but I love to try!) I can’t sew, and I don’t drive a lowered Honda Civic.  Yeah I don’t really fit in with the rest of the bro’s and bro-ette’s in the 909.
 I love to cook, I’m a little obsessed with food actually. I work for a health food chain in the valley below, and yet I’m the only one there who eats healthy and dosnt smoke at our location. Weird.   I hate people who smoke. I mean hate. In fact I have no problem at all farting on people who smoke. Karma baby.

           I will absolutly admit that I am a Bush vot’in, truck driv’in death penalty approving Jesus loving conservative! Okay well these days with gas at almost 4 dollars a gallon I have traded in my raised beast of a 4x 4 Ford Bronco for half a truck, a Subaru Baja. Still covered in Meg Whitman bumper stickers yes, and it will be until the day Jerry Brown improves California. Ha.

           I live just outside the mountain town of Running Springs, California. Running Springs is at 6000 feet right above the lovely ghetto of San Bernardino.  I love it up here. The air is clear, it smells like pine, there are a million trails to hike and our lakes are full of trout just waiting to be caught.  When I’m not hiking up and down Deep Creek looking for the perfect swimming hole to float on my inner tube, I’m either fishing at nearby Big Bear Lake or hanging out at Santa Anita Racetrack. Yes my other love is horse racing.  I’ve been following horse racing since I was about 12 years old and I watched Strike the Gold win the Kentucky Derby.  
                I love my mountain town, and I am an old timer who will stay forever. I’ve stayed through Evacuations, fires, 6 feet of snow and road closures that you wouldn’t believe. Just recently after a pineapple Express rain storm swept through with 5 days of rains our main highway was wiped out in multiple places. Now I drive 74 miles a day to my job in the valley below. This gets me to the point of this blog. Stupid people. And how I find them constantly in my way. 
                Now that we are down one road into and out of our mountain paradise I find myself constantly following a line of 50 or so cars all driving 15 miles an hour while throwing lit cigarettes and trash into my beautiful forest. Believe me; screaming “Get off my mountain” is one of the nicest things I find myself yelling on a daily basis.  The snow pigs just love to swarm the mountains in the winter, bringing with them trash, covering our signs with graffiti, pissing in my front yard, and oh yes sledding in the one inch of snow and mud.  They destroy our roads leaving chains on their tires when the roads are free of ice and dry even. I mean when they use tire chains. When they are not sliding into each other in their clean BMW SUV’s. You can tell the locals. Our cars are covered in mud; our trucks have dogs in the back, and shovels sticking out of the snow we throw back there when we shovel the driveway.  We don’t brake up hill, and we don’t turn our brights on in the fog.  We’re better drivers then you, and we know it. 
And yes my truck really is this dirty. And yes I’ll wash it in March when it stops snowing.


  1. handsinthesoil

    my favorite flatlander snow bunny thing of late… a photo in the press enterprise of a fontucky kid licking a cindered snow berm. and he was missing a finger. darwin award finalist?

  2. The Hunt Family

    I always tell people that since I learned how to drive on the mountain, I am a better driver then they are. Seriously, when one LEARNS to drive for the first time on windy small access roads and icy conditions… once they master that, they can drive anywhere.

  3. handsinthesoil

    I agree Sue; my first road was North Rd in Crestline/Twin Peaks, in a 64 nova. When I took driving lessons in a hyundai on the 60 fwy I was like this is driving? But it is so easy!

    and Amber I should have saved that newspaper as it really was that…special. But I didn’t.

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