E is for… Exhaustion

   Good morning day five of April’s A-Z blogging six days a week Yea Fun.

   So today is the letter E..
   E is for exhaustion, like when you accidentally run to the top of a mountain.
   Last week I ran to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, yes by accident.
   It is early spring here in the San Bernardino Mountain range.
   I had driven to Big Bear hoping to do a nine mile or so run. Some how I got it in my head to try to run some of the Sugar Loaf Mountain trail and just explore that area a little bit.
   As I approached the mountain there was a lot of snow at the higher altitudes and I was kicking myself, yeah there was to much snow to run to the top of the mountain today and I probably wouldn’t even make it very far on the trail.
   Than I began running up from the locked gate where I parked my car and discovered something like six trails I had never seen before.
   I wanted to explore every trail.
   Even if there was snow at the higher altitudes, I knew I would not be bored today and my attitude improved.
   So I decided to run as far up Sugar Loaf Mountain as I could get in the snow.
   Surprisingly the very well marked trail up the mountain had very little snow and I some how made it all the way up to the summit.
   That is an elevation gain of 2,100 feet.
   That is why the letter E is for Exhaustion.

From near the summit; Baldwin lake in the distance 


  1. humor after 50

    “Like when you ACCIDENTLY run to the top of a mountain”…whew! I would love to be able to RUN to a mountaintop! Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed this!
    I enjoyed this so much…I have nominated YOU for the Liebster Award! Remember, no tag backs. Go to my site (http://viewsofanoptimist.blogspot.com/) to review the eleven questions for you to answer.

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