Dewey Decimal Distractions

     It’s day ten week two of not having a working computer.
     I think I am going to make it.
     I can see the end in sight.
    On Saturday I will be buying a new lap top and it will be no more blogging on my Iphone or at the library.

      It has been the biggest pain in the ass having to type out blogs ( especially since I am NaBloPoMo-ing = blogging every day in November) on my IPhone every day or sitting at my local library in town with all the wackos and creeps that can’t read. (Seriously, the fifty year old man sitting next to me at the library this morning and trying to use the Internet for the first time could barely read.) It was such a very sad thing to witness and I am so impressed with our small town library staff and the way I watched them in my free one hour of Internet time, helping people to fill out job applications on the Internet. These guys that were sitting next to me did not own cell phones and did not have email accounts. The library employees were helping them build a online resume from scratch. I felt so very bad for these older guys in there fifties, out of work and barely scraping by I am sure.
     I was also mildly annoyed that I was the least smelliest person in the library this morning.
     I ran five miles before going to the library to work on my blog at a real key board for once and yet I was the only person in this small space that didn’t reek of cigarettes and old man smell. ( Really? You desperately need money and funds and work but you can still afford nicotine?)    
     I can not wait until I get my new lap top in a few days and I can lay in the morning sun light on my couch and work on my blog and than walk to the kitchen to put together a delicious meal of goat cheese something or other.
    I’m ready to leave my new library friends behind.


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