It is 17 degrees out and windy.
   And my heat is still not working.
   I usually love winter but this winter has been intense with not having a heater working for most of it and it has been any where from five degrees to twenty five degrees all week. My cats hate me. They think the cold is my fault.
   I’m wearing to pairs of pants, a thermal, a sweater, a fleece bath rob, mittens, Uggs and a hat right now and this is just my normal sitting around the house outfit these days! Today is my day off and I was hoping to go for a run but its just to cold and windy. I’m still getting over the flu that every one in America seems to have right now and I’m terrified of running in the chilly air and what winters winds will do to my lungs if my cough gets any worse.
    I spent the two snowiest days up in Big Bear enjoying some one elses working heat and the little things in life like cuddling up to a space heater in a cabin that is actually wired correctly and does not have the breakers popping every time I use the toaster.
    I just keep thinking, only two  more months of this weather and than it will be spring time! Longer days, green forest trails, days spent fishing at the lake, instead of huddling under three blankets and two angry cats on my couch.


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Bake! Using the oven adds some heat. Im eager for Spring too, and green, warmth, sunshine! It was 20 and super windy this morning and I went to take the garbage out…needless t osay it is outside but right outside my door, all gross, because with a 30 mph constant wind…the trash can did not beckon me. Heck there could be I dunno….someone outside with really good food freebies or a bunch of good books and I’d habe to think about going out. In fact there are books outside…my mom sent me a nook gift card but I have to go wait in line with a zillion peoole to get the package with the nook card in it. I am beyond bored but cannot motivate myself to go outside even for the nook card Ive been yearning for since my mom told me about it in early December.

    But at least I have heat.

    Why is your heater continually dying? Can you light a fire? I cant remember if you have a fireplace or not.

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