All the Pretty Horses

   Sometimes peoples stupidity just amazes me.
  Today I had to explain to a man the difference between a sheep and a goat.
   Because he thought they were the same animal.
   Than the same man was telling me how he’s pretty sure that a cat and a dog have been bred to make a new cog (Cat/ dog hybrid I’m assuming) and I had to explain to him… YOU CAN NOT BREED A CAT TO A DOG!
    Well, I mean technically I guess that you could, it just would not WORK.
    It blows me away that I had this conversation with a fifty year old man and not a five year old.


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Haha. Although I call shih-tsu and other little dogs, cogs but yeah…umm….no. i remember a girl in 6th grade telling me she saw a dog-human hybrid…suuuure she did.

    Goat?Sheep? So different!

    Think of him and realize there are people even more stupid….sigh.

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