C is for.. Cat.. As in my Cat is a Jerk

   A typical day in my cat Zions life….

   When the front door opens and I come home from work…
   “WHERE have you been all day?
   Mom! Mom! MOM! Look over here! NOW!
   Oh you want to ignore me?
   Lets see how much you can ignore THIS gassy cat!”

    Five minutes later

   “Oh! What is this shiny warm thing?
   Oh No!!! My tail is on fire!
   What have I done to my beautiful tail?
   I belong on the counter during dinner…
   You are MY master and YOU should move the DAMN candles off the counter during dinner time if you don’t want my beautiful tail on fire!”

    Later the same evening

   “I get homemade wet cat food for the one time this month?!
   I will stick my entire face in it, get it all over my fur, than spend the whole time I should be eating licking food out of my fur. (Because I’m a slob)”

     And than after he eats

    “I WILL sit on the bar stools the same time as you while you type on the computer at the kitchen counter and try to work.”
     I know he looks sleepy and cute in these pictures, but his eyes are only closed because he hates the flash. He is wide awake and ready to pull fun “toys” out of the trash to play with, steal tampons from my purse, or try to jump into the refrigerator every time I open the door.
    Yeah, he is kind of a Asshole.
    I love that asshole, damn it.

   But he looks so cute, right?

   Ha, he looked real cute after the bath he got this morning. (Revenge from him jumping on the counter when I was distracted and eating my tiramisu)