B is for… A Day in Big Bear

    I had such a gorgeous day off work running all over Big Bear.

   It was a awesome day off even if I was annoyed with myself for a while, as my phone battery died about ten miles into my run and I lost all mapping capabilities.

High altitude cactus

   This was annoying as after I ran to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain I decided to go exploring and take a new and unexplored route back to the car.
   That was about ten miles into my run and I was getting tired, real tired as I headed kind of to the North towards what I thought would eventually take me to Wild Horse Canyon.
    After going three miles out of the way I ended up giving up on this little adventure and back tracking the way I came.
     Before I was side tracked by the unknown trails of Big Bear I once again summited Sugar Loaf Mountain, only this time rather than hike it, I ran about sixty percent of the trail.

Trail Markers

    I can’t believe I made it to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain on this early spring day.
   This was only the second time I had been up here and the first time I ran it.
   It was hard, really hard. I probably took fifteen breaks on the side of the trail on the way up through rocky slate covered terrain with snow every here and there.
   In two weeks this trail will probably be nothing but lush green wild flowers through Green Meadow at the bottom of the trail where the creek runs along side the trail.
   This area is just so stunningly gorgeous; it’s one of those areas I feel like I want to take every one I know up this trail!
    But it’s about 2,100 of altitude gain and most friends wouldn’t be friends after that hike.

As I stood on the summit at over 9,900 feet, the second highest mountain in the San Bernardino Range, I could almost look across at San Gorgonio across the valley.
    San Gorgonio was so gorgeous from this viewpoint, completely drenched in snow and covered at white at the highest altitude. I so wish I had my camera with me and not just my phone; I would have way better pictures of this epic beautiful mountain day!