Beaver Medical, How I Hate Thee

    Seriously,  health care is already so fucked in this country, how on earth can a national health plan improve things?
   Am I the only one who is tired of waiting forty five minutes to two hours for my doctor to show up?

   Nothing annoys me more than sitting in a waiting room for two hours surrounded by sick people and screaming children, one of whom just sneezed on me.
   How rude is it to spray other peoples children with hand sanitizer? Or just spray a none stop cloud of it around myself?
    Does anyone else have a doctor who schedules them for procedures then forgets to call with results?
   Am I the only one who gets some bitches in radiology calling me to schedule a procedure I know nothing about? And when I ask questions I’m told, we have no idea, your doctor should have gone over that with you.
    Yes, the same doctor who never called me with my test results to begin with.

    And she likes to dress like a cow girl.
    Okay well, my first appointment with her was on Halloween, so I guess I can forgive the whole cow girl thing.
   And I do respect the cow girl hat.
   Still, why the fuck wont any one tell me whats going on?
   Monday I will have a needle shoved into at least one area of my body. I know that for sure.
    And I can’t lift anything for twenty four hours after that.
   Will I need  vicodin this time?
    Howe bad will the pain be?
    What the f is going on?
    I’m a little annoyed at this point.
   Yea, Beaver Medical.

* Note, I actually started writing this post in November.
Got re mad at Beaver today and decided to post it.