Bank of America, I hate you

     Let me just say, the reason I was so pissed at Bank of America probably stemmed from the fact that I was still a little pissed off at Arrowbear Water Company for blatantly lying to my face about my meter being read on a monthly bases. Gophers with shovels, my ass. If this makes no sense, please read my September First blog, I think its entitled, Arrowbear Water Company…Liars!
     One month ago I decided to order new checks, believing I was almost out. Ten minutes later I found an extra book of checks, so I called Bank of America and attempted to cancel the checks. I say attempted because first they hung up on me. Then I called again and they told me they couldn’t cancel my order at the present time, call back that evening. So I did. And I was told my checks were cancelled. The end, right?
     One week later I get said checks in the mail. So I call BOA again and am told I have to return the checks to BOA. Thirty minutes from my house. Bitches. So two days later, I drive thirty minutes to hot stinky Redlands, wait fifteen minutes for a Representative to assist me, am assured I was refunded for the checks, hand the checks over and head back home. Two days later, I still have a fee for the checks on my account. So, I call BOA again, tell them the whole story and am finally refunded. End of story, right? Um No. Ha.
    Two days ago I get something in the mail from Mountain Disposal saying my check bounced. There is a grip of money in my account, there is no way on earth the check should have bounced. So, I call BOA again, and wait on hold for twenty minutes. Then I tell some BOA Bimbo the whole story, and she has no clue why my check bounced. Now at this point I’m very concerned because I have like six outstanding checks from like a month ago that have not shown up cashed and I’m concerned about them.
That’s when she told me that all my checks had been cancelled.  That’s when I got really pissed and very yelly. At one point she started crying and I said
    “Why the fuck are you crying? Your fiances are not all f’ed up!”
   Then I asked the bimbo to transfer me to her manager, who told me he had no idea why all my checks had been cancelled without telling me.
    When I inquired about what I was to do about all the 25 dollar returned check fees I was facing, he said,
     “Well pay the fees and when you get the bill, bring your bill into your local BOA, tell them the whole story and they will reimburse you for the fees”
     I asked
     “So I have to drive half an hour back to my bank to be reimbursed for the returned check fees? Do you have any idea how much gas is a gallon right now and just how many idiots are in my way? Or my level of anger at this point?”
    So, what I’m trying to say is if I’m a bit rage-y this holiday weekend, is it really my fault?