India Here we come!

I love everything about traveling. Some people may be annoyed and stressed out over thirty hours of travel to reach the other side of the world but I see every part of travel as a new adventure waiting to happen.

If I never left my snowy mountain home I would have far fewer adventures.

I love waking up before dawn to catch the first rays of lights on the clouds rolling off the Pacific Ocean. This mornings southern California sunrise was just gorgeous. Of course we had already been awake for three hours, checked into our flight and rolled through security at LAX as we enjoyed the pinks and oranges in the Los Angeles sky as we rolled our suitcases through the Bradly International Terminal.

I even loved paying six bucks for a cappuccino at Starbucks in the international terminal.

Just kidding, no I did not, but as I inhaled my crappy Asiago bagel as it was the only thing that looked edible at our side of the terminal and I had been awake for five hours at this point with nothing in my stomach but cheap hotel coffee, I thought to myself by dinner time four p.m. we would be in Hong Kong eating something truly amazing during our five hour layover.

Of course that would be two a.m. California time at that point and my body will probably be beyond confused.

Here’s to thirty hours of travel! India here we come!