Bed Bugs and Black Mold; Hotel Review of Hotel Royal Inn, Bangalore, A Royal Pain in the Ass

I’m sitting here itching my fifty or so bug bites and cursing the name Royal Inn.

We stayed at the Hotel Royal Inn in Bangalore for twenty three days and I would say fifteen of those days we had a major problem from black mold, to no running water to a possible bed bug infestation.

I’m sitting here scratching and complaining and really annoyed about everything this hotel has put us through and wondering how on earth the management of this hotel DOES NOT CARE about something so serious as possible bed bugs or black mold! If I found black mold in my home I’d start frantically deep cleaning to try and get rid of it! It’s disgusting and dangerous!

I cannot stop thinking about getting home to be in my own bed! We recently purchased a new mattress just before we left, it took us so long to find. Hours of reading reviews comparing casper vs leesa and so many other brilliant companies, and we finally made our decision; and now we are stuck here. Sat in a bug infested room, with black mold all over the walls. Thankfully I don’t have bugs at home, but I know that if I did, I would just get something like pest control Des Moines to sort the problem out for me.

Obviously when you find black mold in your hotel room you would expect the hotel to be very understanding and do something about the mold at once! It took five days and multiple complaints to get the mold situation dealt with and that was only after I became ill after breathing in the mold spores (I have asthma) While desperately trying to get the mold situation dealt with one of our t.v.s stopped working. That took three days to get fixed. If only they realised all they had to do was find a company that deals with Mold Removal and the problem would have been fixed 10 times quicker!

At this point we were looking for other lodging as the hotel seemed like they would not fix the mold situation and were not taking us seriously.

They only fixed the t.v. and took care of the mold that day as we told them we were going to switch hotels. Finally my headache and nausea subsided after the mold was cleaned up with acid.

Looking back I so wish we had switched hotels as that’s when things started getting sketchy.

We noticed leaving the hotel on that day that there were a large amount of mattresses in the down stairs lobby. As we were leaving that day my boyfriends nephew commented that it smelled like pesticides like something was being fumigated. When we got back to our hotel that evening all the blankets had been changed on our beds with completely different blankets.

At the time I was not really thinking about the fumigated mattresses and the changed out blankets. Well, except for the fact that our beds were not made with sheets, just one blanket. We requested, twice, sheets for the bed and never received them.

The next day we woke up completely covered in bug bites; we had slept in two separate beds in two separate bed rooms. As I was thinking about it; About the mattresses down stairs, the fumigation smells, the changed out blankets, I really think there might have been a bug problem in the hotel and the sleazy management in this hotel, rather than fumigate the whole hotel; which would solve the problem quickly and efficiently decided just to fumigate the mattresses in the empty rooms and change out our blankets and bedding just in case.

I called downstairs to the lobby when I realized we were covered in bug bites and asked if there had been a bed bug outbreak, if that is why they had fumigation and the employees denied it but all the signs are there.

I tried to explain to them that if there is an outbreak of bed bugs, they should inform their guests and not just cover it up. We are heading to an Air B and B in Hong Kong after this and if we have bed bugs we will infest the place we are heading!

After getting extremely frustrated with the hotel, not to mention itchy none stop, we checked out early to stay with family after the last straw; on returning to the hotel the other night the water was shut off and we could not flush the toilets or use the shower!

We are just hoping and praying at this point we don’t carry bed bugs every where we go and that we were bitten by some other insect.

Since we were checking out a day early because we were fed up with our stay, black mold, no running water, no sheets on the bed, broken electronics, etc we asked for our final bill and asked to be refunded for the last day.

Hotel staff (Who were very helpful and nice our entire stay, well except when it took days to get the mold dealt with and the t.v. fixed) told us they had called the owner of the hotel and he said the employee who quoted us our price when we booked over the phone no longer worked for the hotel so they would not honor that price.


We had BLACK MOLD in our room and these guys are nickel-ing and dime-ing us over a few rupees when we want to check out early (For a very GOOD reason!) and the owner of the hotel refuses to give us the agreed upon price even after everything we have put up with in the last twenty three days.

We didn’t just stay a few days; we lived in this apartment hotel for twenty three days! Twenty three days of breathing in black mold spores, not being able to flush toilets, being crawled all over and bitten by creepy crawlys and putting up with broken appliances. I know, I know, this is India, but this seems a little terrible even for India!

While trying to get a refund for our last day after we decided we couldn’t take any more of the “Royal Inn” Which was more like a royal pain in the ass we got absolutely no where with any of the employees as they explained to us, the hotel owner told the employees helping us the only way to get a refund for our last night was if he took it out of the employees pay check. What a jerk!

Any other person would have checked out after black mold! I wish we had!

Now we are all covered in terrible bites and really uncomfortable.

This fucking sucks because If they are bed bugs we will have to have our home fumigated and pay for our pets to be boarded while the exterminator comes when we get back to the U.S. I tried to make this point in the lobby, besides the fact that if it is bed bugs than they really need to close the hotel and tent it the right way while its fumigated but traveling in India means you feel like you talking to a wall, a lot, like daily.