A is for… Another April First Blog?

     I’m confused by the instructions on A to Z blogging in April so I’m posting my A blog for yesterday Sunday and also for today April First. I’ll be blogging six days a week in April for the blogging A-Z, yea.
     And back to the mountain adventures…

    This mornings spring time run was a little boring but beautiful.
    I saw no deer, no snakes and very, very few other people.

   It was pretty awesome and totally worth getting up at sunrise.
   I took a brand new, to me, section of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)

   I ran about fifteen miles total between seven thirty this A.M. and eleven fifteen.
   It was only about thirty degrees and pretty damn cold and frosty when I began my run on the PCT above Holcomb Valley.

   I got some insane beautiful shots of the morning sun light above Big Bear Lake.

  It really was a glorious April morning in the San Bernardino Mountain Forest.


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