Who Hikes For Twelve Hours a Day Just For Fun?

     The only sound I can hear is the cicadas in the trees, the river crashing through a canyon far off and the fish jumping.
     Obviously the fish are jumping because I forgot my back packing fishing pole.
     I’m trying not to be to upset about all the hungry, tasty trout every where, I mean I am relaxing by myself, the only person around for miles next to an exquisite alpine lake.
     Lone Pine Lake is deserted today and that’s fine with me. 

     I’m at the tail end of a 18 mile round trip hike with 5,000 feet elevation gain.
    I’m exhausted.
    And truth be told still three miles from camp, a fact that just makes me want to cry. My feet are aching from being inside my hiking boots for almost twelve hours today.
     Seriously, who hikes for twelve hours a day for fun?
     Crazy outdoors people, that’s who.