A Presidential Embarrassment

Good morning Comrade Obama.

Or should I say “Dobrue utro” (That would be Russian for good morning)

Obama you only have fifty seven days left in the oval office. I realize your job is almost done now and you can probably spend your days playing golf and handing out prestiges awards to celebrities and basketball players. I mean, what else do you have to do with your days?

Here in the United States we live in a nation where celebrities and sportsball players can do whatever they want. They can disrespect our flag and get paid millions to do this. It seems like now in 2016 this is so common place that we as Americans just accept it. The fact that you are singling out these celebrities for making a very, very minimal contribution to society is pretty pathetic.

Yes, I’m talking about the Presidential Medal of Honor. Past presidents have given this medal to real people who have made a difference in this world like Rosa Parks, The Pope or Aids researchers.

In 1996 Bill Clinton gave this award to Millard D. Fuller from Habitat to Humanity.

In 2000 President Clinton gave it to Simon Wiesenthal, a concentration camp survivor.

Just giving an example of why NOT to give a truly honorable award like this to a celebrity; in 2002 George W gave this award to Bill Cosby. Of course that was before everyone knew he was a rapist who drugs women. This is why real American heros like soldiers who are risking their lives and scientists who are changing modern medicine deserve this award.

Wow, surprised he didn’t give this award to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

You know who deserves this medal? People who are fighting for our freedoms, being away from their families in the middle east for months at a time. Of course if Obama had gone this route, he probably  would have offered the award to Bowe Bergdahl!

There are real heros out there who deserve this medal.

Like those three United States citizens, one serving in the National Guard who helped avert a massacre on a Paris bound train last August. Don’t they deserve a medal of honor from our president?

Before Comrade Obama decides to give this award to his favorite celebrities from US magazine maybe he should think of giving the award out in Chris Kyle’s name. I do see what Ellen DeGeneres did twenty years ago, coming out of the closet publicly and paving the way for gay rights. Okay, I can kind of see that, but when you compare her to a true hero who served four tours in Iraq and saved so many American lives there really is no comparison.

Hopefully when president elect Donald Trump recognizes people for this award he will make better selections.