So busy!

I wish I had just a little free time right now.

My back yard office

 I need to get my hair done desperately, I want Steven Tyler-ish feather’s weaved in, but have no time to sit in a salon for 3 hours.
I am dying to get in some more hiking before spring is over and its hot and not so green out
I wish it would get warmer so I could shave my  cats, and have less cat hair all over my house.
I have chicken in my freezer that I’m dying to smoke, but I have no time to smoke it, or take pictures for the other blog of the bulgur wheat salad its going to be used for.

Cabbage, Oregeno and parsley

 Working five days a week is exhausting right now, but its almost June and I plan to take a grip of time off work between then and August. Just two more long ass weeks and I can have some free time!
I did manage to replant my entire garden today, yea, at least I accomplished a little. Now its off to physical therapy, then work for eight hours, then up at dawn to drive to San Diego on my day off to spend it with best friends.


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    omg like totally ! anyways….in san diego is Elijah’s Deli, in la jolla too. they have really good deli sandwiches. im not much of a sandwich person but theyre the exception. they make the bread from scratch, the dressings, the meats (well i mean they dont raise the cow but they corn their own corned beef) and pickels and…just..yum so if you can find it i suggest a visit.

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