Springtime diary of a slow garden death

May 3rd 2011

Dear Organic Nature Love Diary,

I can’t wait any longer! The sun is shining, the birds are shrieking unbelievably loud at 6a.m. outside my window and its almost 70 degrees in this rural mountain town! This is spring right? The long, foggy, snowy winter is over? MUST BUY PLANTS! I know its still a week before Mother’s Day in this mountain town at 5,000 feet. the official cut off date between the last cold days of snow, and the sunshine of spring, but I can’t wait any longer. Those organic early girl tomatoes at Lowe’s are calling my name! I drive the hour and a half round trip to Lowe’s on a sunny spring morning, and fill up an entire shopping cart with tomatoes, tarragon, corn flowers, Shasta Daisy’s, Alyson, inpatients (Just like me!) basil, parsley and cabbage. I speed all the way home frantic to get my new plants in the moist mountain soil.Image result for growing your own tomatoes really is the best way to devote someecard

May 8th

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Today I woke up to snow. WTF? It was my fault, I’ll admit it. Not only did I get all crazy last week wiping out Lowe’s spring collection, but I also washed AND waxed my car. What was I thinking? Yet, peeking out into my garden, I still see blossoms on my Gala Apple tree, my organic cabbage is thriving in the chilly morning and even my tomatoes are looking a little weepy but okay. You know what? I think its going to be okay.

May 16th

It just rained and snowed for 24 hours. Oh and there is another storm coming in tomorrow that will bring a few inches of snow. Inches! In late May! What the hell is wrong with this mountain? Two days ago I tried desperately to hold onto the fact that it was in fact spring time. I sat on the shores of Big Bear Lake in my Tommy Bahama chair, wearing shorts and enjoying a Alaskan Summer Ale in the sunshine. Then the clouds began moving in. It was soon to windy to fish. The wind was wiping up, blowing our lines back in. We had to pack up our gear and head home (With no fish to be had)

When I woke up this morning, I thought I heard a snow plow in the distance, and I thought oh no, it can not be. It was in fact not a plow, but that doesn’t change the fact 24 hours of rain and cold has killed most of my garden. After spending all that time planting everything and making the garden look nice, a change in the weather has killed the whole appearance of the garden. The tomatoes are sad little piles of green, the flowers are wilted and brown, my herbs are pathetic. When things like this happen, you’re left with no motivation. My friend did tell me to consider bringing in a company like Valley View Landworks to improve my garden for me and fix the lawn and plants, maybe I’ll have a look at them. However, we have two days of snow ahead of us! Stupid mountain spring time. This years natural organic gardening is just not seeming meant to be! The garden will have to be fixed after this horrible weather is finished.


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    my herbs are ok…the mint dies and then comes back and the oregano (which Mike and Josh are allergic to) is super buff and growing crazily. MY rosemary and thyme don’t die either. But my organic tomatoes and squash are hiding under garbage bags in the pathetic hope they’ll survive. I also hope my strawberries survive, they are growing like mad so they’d better survive.

  2. Katy SkipTheBag

    I’m so sorry you lost your crop. 🙁 I hope you’ll try it again. I hate when we spend time and effort to plants and I get half a side dish. Some day I’ll figure it out! Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop.

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