Fish On!

   I love boats.
   Why do they make me so sick?
    It is completely unfair!
    I live in the mountains, I’m used to driving winding mountain roads, so you would think motion sickness wouldn’t be a problem for me.
   For the most part its not.
   Unless I get any where near the ocean.
    The first time I was in a car driving to Big Bear I was five years old.
   And yes i was that child puking on the side of the road in the Arctic Circle on the windy rocky road to Big Bear. I can clearly remember the windy roads, looking straight down embankments that seemed to go on for hundreds of feet forever and getting sick my first time in the mountains.
   Yet after that one time puking, losing my mountain driving virginity, I never got motion sickness from driving ever again.
   My BFF Ry takes us out on the family boat on Lake Arrowhead sometimes and I have no problem there. I can watch friends water ski all day while we criss cross the lake and I work on my tan.
    But take me out on the ocean and I will puke everywhere.
   I get so sea sick and its so unfair.
   I love being on the water and I love being on boats!
   I have tried Benydryl and every sea sickness medication that CVS carries. Nothing works for me.
   I try starring at the horizon. I’ve tried laying my head on the table. I’ve tried sleeping until we get out to sea.
   Nope, still I get pukey.
   I love deep sea fishing and I really want to go again this year, but last year as I lay on a cool steel bench on a boat that was being bounced all over the water, I swore to myself I would never do this to my body again.
   When we first boarded the boat there were dolphins every where, the ocean breeze on that cool morning felt amazing on my face and I felt so thankful to be here on this glorious morning with great friends.
   That was before I got sea sick and started shrieking
   “Some one kill me please!” Between the pukage.
   A group of us friends went deep sea fishing last spring and I spent the whole first three hours trying not to puke. What sucks is that was when every one caught all the fish!
  When I finally recovered around eleven A.M. we did not catch another fish for the rest of the day! At that point I felt just fine; a greasy burrito and a cold Corona might have helped my horrible stomach. I think I have learned the hard way, I need to start drinking the minute I get on the boat. I really do think the carbonation in an ice cold cerveza really does calm my stomach down!
    What is so ridiculous is I’m dying to go deep sea fishing again, but I know I will just feel miserable!

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