La Nina Winter Shenanigans

Mountain life has its ups and downs.
The good things about my mountain life style of course being that I can sprint out my front door at sunrise okay steps from the forest to knock out that morning run.
The bad side?
On Friday evenings in the winter months I get cramps in my middle finger, its abit.. ahem..over used..
Lets just say I am not a friendly driver.
More a get the bleep out of my way and please oh please stop braking up hill; yeah I’m that kind of driver.
Yea weekends….
When the snow pigs flood our mountain communities and I find myself yelling things like
“My front yard is not a toilet!”

“Don’t eat yellow snow!”
Lately I have been running Keller’s Peak on these unseaonably warm winter morns, yea La Nina,
for all you non Californians
La Nina is Spanish for fucking drought bitches
La Nina sucks balls,
I much prefer  El Nino winters,  or make sure your snow blower is all gassed up and you have lots of woods,
because Mother Nature is here,
and she is a white, wintry snowy bitch
 Back in the day, four feet of snow; and that is just one storm.
That’s the kind of winter I grew up with.
Walking to the store to get provisions with my bro’s
School cancelled for weeks at a time,
those were the good ‘ol days.

Now its sixty degrees on a February morning and its nice, yea California weather, but I miss the snow.
So to take the back road, the dirt road to get to Keller’s I have to cross the highway and run near the lake by my house.
Every time I stop to cross the highway I have people stopping on the state Highway 18 to let me cross,
Keep in mind this is a blind corner,
and people like me drive this highway fast..
Because well, it’s fun.
So I have to ask these idiot flatlander’s, stopping on a blind corner in the middle of a state highway to let me cross,
Do you see a fucking cross walk here?
Now, I realize y’all are just trying to be nice but come on now this is not a good idea.
I can wait one minute for traffic to clear.
Flatlander’s. Oy Vey