Breakfast of (bloody) Champions

     Sometimes a girl just feels like microwaving a steak. Sometimes that girl is me. Okay I microwaved a steak once. Once, and I will never live that moment down! (thanks Bill)  I was at work, working hard until midnight and I was eyeing these feta and spinach flank steaks, I wanted one so bad! So I thought WTF, I’ll just nuke it til its cooked. And you know what? It was Delicious! No one believed me but that was some good eating!
     Said feta and spinach steak was also involved the other morning when I almost stabbed myself in the leg while having left over (Microwaved!)  steak for breakfast)
      I had the steak in a plastic Tupperware on my lap, watching  Fox news (No TVG, hardly any horse racing on Mondays or Tuesdays, those are my days to catch up on the conservative world) trying to fight my cats away from my breakfast. Some how in trying to cut my steak with the steak knife the knife went all the way through the Tupperware and I don’t know how it didn’t go into my leg. Its a breakfast miracle! Okay I realize I did quite a few things wrong here;
      number one, steak for breakfast.
      Number two, to some people, Fox news.
     Number three, cutting the steak on my lap.
      All I can say is I did not have coffee yet and I do get only four or five hours of sleep a night so I do the best with my exhausted brain on the sleep I collect.


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    dear blogger: I hate you for deleting my comment.
    Dear Amber: I love those steaks but microwaved..I just don’t know. That’s a top ten foodie sin. You should go to foodie jail where all there is to eat is McDonalds and school food
    Anyways. I don’t love steak. (I know I’m crazy but you already knew that.) Mike doesn’t care much for the “goop” in those steaks. So I give him half my steak and get all his “goop”. Perfect!

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