Why is that cat coated in honey?

     I’m so exhausted, I just almost shot honey all over my cat. I just got back from fishing at Big Bear (notice I said fishing, not catching) and I’m so tired. It makes no sense; fishing is the most relaxing sport, why does it completely knock me out? Maybe its being in the sun all day, drinking beer, straining to catch a single fish….
     I came back and tried to put the ingredients for my 6 grain bread in the bread machine.(Yum, grains) This would have been easy for a normal person, but nothing is ever easy for me. The first thing I did when I walked in the door was fill my french press with grounds and hot water. Then I put the honey in the microwave for what I meant to be ten seconds. I accidentally put two minutes. Uh Oh, when I opened the honey, a stream of it shot right at Zion, narrowly missing him. He didn’t notice of course. He just kept glaring at me from the top of the dishwasher, pissed that Dan came over after fishing and attempted to “play” with him. He’s not suppose to be on top of the dishwasher in the first place (Zion, not Dan) so if Zion gets coated in honey its his own damn fault! Luckily I narrowly missed this complete fur ball of a cat, and shot honey all over the wall instead. Guess little exhausted me has to clean the kitchen now. Is my coffee ready yet?