Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Beach, Bacon

NaBloPoMo 2011

   I had an ice tea at six in the evening.
   Actually I had two iced teas.
    I got carried away by the fact that the other day was just about the perfect day off, ever.
   It was 110 degrees in the valley (This heat wave was NOT part of my perfect day) so hot down the hill, that my body has been craving ice tea right now in a crazy, crazy way.
    I completely forgot that I had been planning to go to bed at nine thirty or ten, pretty early. I wanted to get up at five a.m. to have coffee on my balcony as the sun rises above this alpine forest. That’s why I have the bed time of an old lady.
   So now I feel like a crack head with my uppers and downers trying to control my body with “controlled substances”
  Okay by “controlled substances” in my life, I mean caffeinated ice tea and melatonin to help me sleep. I can’t believe the melatonin worked actually and I actually fell right asleep after my fun day I thought I would be wide awake.
    My day began with a six mile run a little after dawn. I ran on a trail I have only done once before. It was new and un explored! And I only got a little lost! Yea! It was a glorious, if not a little hot, fall morning to be running in the forest.
    I went home, fried up some pork chops and potatoes for breakfast and waited for my best friend to arrive. And waited and waited, Ryan has never been punctual.
    But when he did show up, it was in a Porsche! Yes, he had a Porsche rental car for a few days and we spent the afternoon driving around Big Bear in a Porcshe. SO MUCH FUN!  (Although my arm did  get sore from smacking Ryan every time we saw a cop)     It was such a perfect fall day to drive in the mountains in a Porsche convertible. It was kind of cloudy and looked like the weather was going to thunderstorm, but yet it was still warm with the top down.
     Ryan only had to pay fifty dollars extra a day to upgrade to the Porsche through his insurance. Normally it is three hundred dollars a day to rent a Porsche. I need to do that some day; just put down three hundred dollars and drive a Porsche in the mountains all day. It sounds like SO much fun. I think if I ever get my book published that will be my gift to myself.
   When we got back from Big Bear I ran into one of my many red neck neighbors, and as I climbed out of this fancy car he commented,

     “Sure is a fancy car, bet it goes real fast” Straw in his mouth, I honestly am not sure, he might have been a slight bit retarded but in this neighborhood it could just be the meth. Yea mountains.

   So than yesterday I had another perfect day!
   I had to run down to Orange County a few hours away from me to run some errands. I was hoping to get a few hours of beach time while I was down there. I really don’t get to the beach very often, even though I only live about two hours away.
    I brought a cooler with me and my first stop was at Whole Foods. I found this fancy Kale Salad I had read about in a blog online. I was so excited that Whole Foods had it! And it was so very good! Than I grabbed some carb-less eggs Benedict and some sort of zucchini sweet potato muffin and it was time to hit the beach! Almost…
    I got side tracked by Sprinkles Cupcakes.
   Yes, the Sprinkles Cupcakes of fancy Hollywood cupcakes to the stars.
   Than I was even more distracted by the fancy herb store; not like the herb store in the mountains ( the one that I flip off every time I drive past it just because IT MAKES Me feel better, I mean, why on earth would some one put a pot store at the kids bus stop?) Anyways, suffice to say I bought a ton of fancy curry powder.
    Than I drove to the beach while eating bacon.

    Than I laid on the beach and ate more bacon.    
    Life is good. NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. Kiki

    Beach and bacon! Great combo. I just got back from the beach and everything tastes better there. EVERYTHING. Which justifies how much I eat while there…right?

    Found you via the Yeah Write NaBloPoMo! They really need a shorter name for that.

  2. ninevoltcandy

    “I honestly am not sure, he might have been a slight bit retarded but in this neighborhood it could just be the meth.” You have just come up with the most perfect phrase to describe my corner of the world. Had I not known you were in CA, I would have sworn you were in Oklahoma.

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