Vegas here we come!

NaBloPoMo 2011

  This cat is very upset.   He discovered I was skipping town for a few days and he was having none of it.   He does this any time I pull out a suitcase. He hates when I leave so he insists on sleeping on and in all suitcases. My BFF Mimi came to visit for a few days, as soon as she brought her suitcase up stairs I told her, Zion will be all over that bag in two minutes.  Two minutes later this happened,

     This cat is very upset he is not going to Vegas with us.
    We eventually moved the angry cat and continued packing (And made sweat potato chips for the drive) Why did we need snacks anyways? We were planning our usual stop at the Mad Greek in Baker, where the hummus is lemony, the pitas are warm and the bathroom are plentiful. (It is halfway between home and The Vegas.)
    We pulled into dusty and hot Baker California, home of a big ass thermometer and also one of the few remaining Bob’s Big Boys. (Remember their awesome blue cheese dressing, circa 1985?) Baker seemed… deserted. So very weird for a Monday morning. I mean it was the day after the weekend but still there were no cars any where.
   We soon found out why. The door to the Mad Greek was locked (Noooo! We howled! Baklava!)



    Apparently the power was out in all of Baker and every restaurant (And bathroom) in town was closed for the day. Well, that was no good. We hopped back in the car and luckily remembered there was a Mad Greek forty five minutes up the road at State Line. We did get our tasty feta -lisious Greek salad and lamb, sweet ,sweet lamb. After regrouping on Greek food we were refreshed for the rest of the drive to The Vegas and soon ready to relax poolside with some margaritas and Jenn Lancaster’s new book.
    I dressed up as the Bathing Suit Bandit for the occasion, breaking in my new Buff, hajib style.

Photo by loves2fartlek

We were so ready to enjoy the Vegas!



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