Baby it’s Cold Outside; Or Maybe I’m Just High

I love Christmas music. I really do. I am that person that is blaring Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas the minute I leave Thanksgiving dinner. I decorate the tree to Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, dancing around my mountain cabin and Dreaming of a White Christmas (The Mindy Smith version of course) Every time I hear What are you Doing for New Year’s Eve, it makes me smile. I wait eleven months out of the year for that one month that I can listen to Christmas music none stop.

Yes, this is the one month out of the year that people roll THEIR eyes at ME… Because I have way to much holiday cheer. My favorite Christmas song of all time? That is a tie between Joni Mitchell’s River and Baby It’s Cold Outside. (The version from the movie Elf)

Has any one else heard the version of Baby It’s Cold Outside with Norah Jones and Willie Nelson?

Thank you Willie Nelson, you dirty old hippie for ruining my favorite Christmas song.

This is my favorite Christmas song of all time and ‘ol Willie Nelson and his dread locks and hash pipe is totally not putting me in the Christmas spirit.

My favorite version of this song is Zooey Decshanel and Leon Redbone’s version from the movie Elf. Zooey Deschanel has the most beautiful voice. Every December I listen to this one song as much as possible.

On a typical December evening you can find me sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold mountain night. I just finished hanging my Christmas lights, garlands and my favorite snowflake print table cloth covers my counters.

What a festive evening; until that dirty old hippie made me want to rip down the mistletoe with a shudder.

Doesn’t it seem a little strange to have seventy eight year old wrinkly Willie Nelson singing such a romantic song to a thirty year old Norah Jones?


As a thirty year old single lady I would not want Willie Nelson crooning to me

“Mind if I move closer”

I’d want to tell that old hippie to back the fuck away and I would pull out my mace!

I carry mace when I run to ward off bears and bobcats not aging hippies.

If Willie Nelson tells you

“Your eyes are like starlight”

He is probably high.

If you are asking Willie Nelson

“Say what’s in this drink”

The answer is probably THC

If Willie Nelson tells you

“Man your lips look delicious”

He probably just has the munchies.Willie Nelson

I really do like Willie Nelson’s older songs, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain is a great song, and Star Dust is a great CD, plus all the Highway Men material is just fantastic! As far as Christmas tunes go, I just find this song a little inappropriate.

Willie Nelson is just not Bing Crosby.


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