Happy Holidays; Cat Edition

I’m not getting all this excitement over Cyber Monday? I’ve got news for you, I have been searching all morning for a sweater for my cat and this 2017 Amazon Cyber Monday deals have let me down big time.

Now, I know what you are thinking; what kind of cat needs a sweater?

This cat.

As you can clearly see, he is a super fancy cat.

He is also always cold.

And you know what, I have been reading online that cats who have anxiety can be helped by wearing an anti stress and anxiety shirt.

Or maybe they just want to look fancy.

While I was researching cat sweaters this morning and clearly not doing anything else at all productive with my time I also came across this.

Why yes, that is a Snuggie.

For a cat.

I spent most of my morning hiking the trails of Big Bear Lake after two days of snow, beautiful snow! We have seen so much drought and sunshine in the past five years that every time we see a cloud, a rain drop or a snow flake here in southern California we get beyond excited! That’s why I was thrilled to be stuck indoors with our plethora of dogs and cats for two days as we watched the snow flakes falling down.

Now that its a sort of sunny but very chilly Monday morning Carly Pup and I did a little hike up to Cougar Crest and I noticed that, damn does that dog need a new sweater.

I kind of figure if Carly gets a new sweater than Uncle Sy deserves a new Christmas sweater too, right?

If you are looking for a great Christmas cat sweater for those cat people in your life (Or just a sweater with cats and pizza on it) do check out Amazon as they have the best selection!

Now that all your Are you now finished with all the Christmas shopping for the cat people in your lives?

You are welcome!