Why Does the Ocean Hate me?

It was a beautiful day on the water, waves crashing against a giant vessel cutting through the Coral Sea. We were on our way to the outer reef for a day of snorkeling fun.
It sounds like a brillant adventure but for one problem; I couldn’t stop puking.

Once again I found myself asking, why does the ocean hate me so much?
I love deep sea fishing. I love being on boats. I just get so incredibly sea sick, it’s just not fair! Today’s Australia adventure meant taking a boat for seventy minutes out to the outer reef way out in the Coral Sea.
I puked almost all the way there, it’s lucky we didn’t buy this boat to go on daily boating adventures like we first imagined, otherwise I’d be looking to Sell a boat with GraysOnline or somewhere similar pretty quickly! To be fair almost every other person on the boat was sick ( well, besides my boyfriend with his stomach of steel) It had been raining all morning and the waves were incredibly rough. I always try to have fun at sea whether it’s deep sea fishing or snorkeling but it’s so frustrating that I get so sick every damn time! Maybe next time we go snorkelling we might go to somewhere like snorkel turks and caicos.
I don’t know why the ocean hates me!
We finally arrived at our destination in the middle of the netted ( so sharks can’t get in) outer reef and I tried to have fun, although I barely snorkeled at all, I felt so gross. ( not to sick to eat about 15 more giant prawns though! I seriously ate my weight in giant prawns on this Australia vacation!)
We did do a little glass bottom boat your, which was pretty cool, but I was worried I would get sick again the whole time!
image Awesome! Now being on a boat gives me anxiety! Just great!
Maybe I wasn’t the kind of person made for snorkeling. Besides the fact that I get terribly sea sick any time I set foot on any kind of water craft, I just think all the fish look so damn delicious.
Instead of thinking wow that’s a beautiful fish I think to myself, I want to eat that fish with some lemon or tarter sauce…

Now please enjoy this pic of me on a boat looking like I’m trying not to throw up.


  1. Kinley

    Ugh, that sounds like me. I hate getting sea sick! It’s the worst feeling and there’s pretty much nothing you can do once the feeling hits. I went on a sailboat with some friends years ago and got sick for the first, but definitely not last, time and I was just so bummed, because I wanted to enjoy it!

  2. Glasgowdragonfly

    Oh Lordy. Such a shame that seasickness spoilt the day in these gorgeous surroundings for you. I remember once on my holding of a lifetime to Barbados freaking out on a submarine “finding nemo” tour and it’s not fun being stuck deep under or out at sea when you are feeling rough!! Hopefully you got some more great pictures!

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