Time to Rock it From the Delta to the DMZ

     Social media is an incredible thing.
     It’s down right scary how much media is available at our finger tips.
     It’s incredible too.

     Let’s go back in time a month or so ago…     
     At six p.m. that night while I was at work in a matter of a few minutes every one in the area I was working had their phones go off at the same instant.
    A comic genius was gone from this world forever.
    When I think of Robin Williams I think of his first movie I ever saw.
    I think of watching Good Morning Vietnam with my Dad.
    I was maybe ten years old.
    Now I really do not think this was a movie to watch with your ten year old daughter but my Dad also let me watch Pet Cemetery and Carrie when I was a very young child, so a movie with crass humor about the Vietnam War that clearly had the kind of humor that adults would enjoy was totally not off the table.
    I think growing up watching Good Morning Vietnam and MASH really shaped my sense of humor ( when I really should have been watching Big Bird)  I honestly could quote Hawk Eye better at age twelve than I could quote that dude from Reading Rainbow. This probably has something to do with my sharp and yet biting wit and dry sense of humor I have today.
     It blew me away that night how fast information travels these days trough Iphones. It also surprised me how genuinely caring all these strangers were with each other that night in a grocery store as they came together to mourn a comic, a stranger that none of them had ever even met.