The Wacky Adventures of Drunk Amber

    This is a tale of cows, jeeps, gas and a little to much sour beer.

    Last night we had way to much fun out on the town in the alpine mountain village of Mammoth California.
    So many of the stories surrounding last night have to do with bodily functions.
    Like as soon as we got to the bar J had to poo.
   And there was a long line for the ladies room.
   It was a desperate moment and in desperation she went into the men’s room, and came back out with two guys that she did not realize werein there! 
    ” Oh I thought that was the ladies room!”
    J giggled at them batting her eye lashes; than the second they turned their backs she raced back info the men’s room…
    And the hottest guy in Mammoth was right behind her!
    As I made my way into the ladies room at last I heard J proclaim
    ” I really don’t think you want to follow me in here! Don’t judge!”
    The whole time I was sitting on the toilet in the ladies room I could hear J having a conversation with this hot, hot guy and laughing hysterically!
    I honestly can not believe she pooped with the hottest guy on the mountain.
    After our bathroom shenanigans we were ready for some Mammoth Mountain brewed beer.
    We each had two Elderberry Sour beers and some how got totally drunk.
    Which turned out to be helpful as every person in this mountain bar had gas!
    Why did I bother to take eight gas x to combat my gas when it seems to be okay to let it rip if you are in a bar on the mountain!?
    Maybe it’s the altitude?
    Well let’s just say I had two beers and the Gas X didn’t help.
    I cleared out the bar and it was time to leave.
    It was only eleven p.m. But we had a long day and were ready for bed.
    I woke up this morning and could not find my glasses any where.
    I emptied my entire hand bag, emptied my suitcase and still no glasses.
    I had to assume that I had lost them forever at work the morning before.
    I woke up this morning two hundred miles north of work so I called my coworkers and texted some different coworkers, asking if any one had seen my glasses.
    I gave up pretty annoyed, put my contacts in and resigned myself to having to buy new glasses.
    I was not happy.
    It must have been an hour later when I was getting dressed to do a quick two mile run before our hot springs adventure and I found where Drunk Amber hid my glasses.
    That Drunk Amber is a prankster!
    She set them next to the bed so I would have them in the morning.
    She also left me an ice water ( which still had ice in it, on a 13 degree night in a house in Mammoth with no central heat) which is to funny as I woke up in the middle of the night so parched and thirsty but having no idea if there was a water glass nearby.
    Drunk Amber is actually a sweet heart I guess.
    Glasses found I pounded out a quick two miles through snowy mountain back roads than we jumped in the jeep and we took off for the Siphon Hot Springs.
     My first hot springs adventure was awesome as there were no scary old naked people and I didn’t get licked by a cow.
     I guess cattle roam near here and the fence that separates the cattle from the hot springs was taken down.
     J’s man informed us that the cattle are sometimes seen near the hot springs.
     I had mixed feelings about that; I kind of don’t like cows but than meeting a cow would be an adventure.
     Now this is my idea of a Super Bowl.