The Social in Big Bear; The Best Short Ribs I’ve Ever Had!

Last night was date night in Big Bear Lake. We decided to start our evening by having dinner and drinks at The Social before going to see American Sniper at the theater in town.

It’s called The Social because when you walk into the men’s restroom by mistake it’s a very social experience.

I would just like to say I was not drunk when I walked into the men’s room, not once, but twice during dinner tonight.
Maybe I was drunk on delicious short ribs. The short ribs were some of the best I have ever had in my life, and the Cabernet Demi Glaze Sauce that was served with them was exceptional.
My absolute favorite ap at The Social is the tuna tar-tare with wonton chips. Big Bear is almost a hundred miles from the ocean but some how the tuna they use in this dish is super fresh.
My boyfriend and I were both recovering from the flu when we visited The Social last weekend and maybe that’s why my brain was not working right the first time I wandered into the men’s room after our ap was served. (I was a sneezy mess between aps and dinner)
In between shoveling handfuls if raw tuna into my face hole and being giddily happy that I could taste things again, I realized my nose was dripping and ran off to the ladies room. Except I walked right into the men’s restroom ( I’ve been in this restaurant before, I should not have made this mistake!) I was half way through blowing my nose when I thought, oh shit, this is the dudes room!
I ran back to the table just as our new round of drinks arrived. ( mojitos! Yum!) and promptly forgot about my bathroom escapades until thirty minutes later after I inhaled the most delicious short ribs ever and then had to blow my nose again ( germs, gross) I was about to sit down on the toilet ( because blowing your nose is way more fun when you are also urinating) when I thought, why does this restroom look different from last time we dined here?
It clicked in my brain super fast and I was out of the men’s room before you could say “prostate” and luckily back in the tampon and PMS world of lady bathrooms.
I walked back out to my boyfriend as he was enjoying his scotch, say down quietly and inquired
“Um… Did you notice I walked into the men’s room?”
He did not but was not at all surprised by my supper time antics.
The next time you are in Big Bear Lake, please check out The Social. This was our second visit there and the dinner menu is outstanding!