The Circle of Life

     Today was my first run before sunrise. It was surprisingly warm for a January morning, maybe in the forties. That was a bit shocking for a mid January morning. When I ran down by the creek two days ago at seven A.M. it was in the twenties! Which is actually my favorite tempature to run, its so brisk and thee mnountain air is so fresh!
    I had been awake since 2 A.M. when my cat made some commotion that woke me from my two hours of sleep, yea. I finally got up at four, There was no going back to sleep. I had to much on my mind. These days it just seems like one thing after another in the soap opera of my day to day mountain life. I called my BFF in Japan as I scarfed down a whole grain cinnamon bagel with Nutella and cashew butter; perfect pre run snack.
     So I was out the door before six A.M. The sun wasn’t any where near rising. The moon was a sliver in the sky above me and I was counting the stars in Orion’s Belt as I emerged from my nice warm car just down the highway from my cabin. I had parked at the bottom of Keller’s Peak and was surprised to see a sheriff sitting there sleeping in his patrol unit. He must have thought I looked like a weirdo bundled up in my ski vest and flannel trucker hat complete with ear flaps. Alicia and Buddy the dog met me at the bottom and we ran Keller’s Peak Road for about five miles while pondering my latest life crisis.
       I’m back from my pre dawn run and I can hear the little thugs to be in my neighborhood making their way to the bus stop at the end of my road. Their parents are listening to gangsta rap on daddy’s IPhone. I definitely heard the N word. I can’t believe these people are allowed to have kids. I can’t wait until their little thugs grow up to steal my hose (Again) to help daddy make more meth, to make more money to buy more gangsta rap; aw the circle of life.
   I’m pondering doing another short run in my neighborhood in an hour or two. It’s such a nice day, now that the sun has begun to rise over the horizon.  I have nothing to do but run a few errands this afternoon. Might as well spend my free moments on this day off outdoors enjoying the slightly warm winter sunshine. I have to wonder how many more of these mid sixties days we will get up here before March, when the mountain annually begins to defrost and daffodils begin to peak out from under the snow drifts. I’m hoping to up my weekly average of 37 miles in one week this week. In order to do that I’m going to have to run a couple more miles today and seven miles both Friday and Saturday.  I think I can do this, something I have been saying to myself daily for months now.