That Smelly Girl with the Back Pain

The most horrible part of my lower back pain is being afraid of my chiropractor.
Am I terrified of the sound my neck makes when he pops it?
Not really?
Am I not looking forward to driving my SUV, a stick shift thirty miles to his office with sciatica pain in my clutch leg?
No, that is not really it either.
Do I hate sitting and sitting around a waiting room? While I was waiting my friend sent me a text about some other back pain solution if I hated the chiropractor so much. Apparently, CBD oil helps a lot with back pain. With it being as simple as buying these sorts of products on sites like Serenity Store – Buy CBD Products Online, no wonder why this could be seen as an alternative way to reduce the pains people experience. It may also be worth doing research into the benefits CBD products are said to have on our health. Anyway, back to the time I visited the chiropractor.

The wait is never long and my chiropractor is a super nice guy and pretty cute…
So why oh why am I so scared of the chiropractor? There are so many different benefits of chiropractic care which is why I normally love going to my appointments. I usually leave them feeling healthy and young again however this time, I really didn’t want to go!
Because last time I had to visit the chiropractor I ate cheese before I went in for my appointment.
My body hates cheese.
It just so happens though that cheese is my favorite food group.
I had no idea my back pain would get so bad that I would be forced to make a chiropractor visit and I had a big plate of goat cheese. In all fairness, if a friend of mine hadn’t recommended I did some research into finding a lower back pain chiropractor, I still think I would be struggling with this issue. So, on that note, I can say I am thankful, even though I was a little nervous.

It was delicious.
I than drove my aching back and left hip thirty miles to my chiropractors office praying the whole way that my body would behave itself just today. I would only be in the office ten minutes. I could make it ten minutes without being a smelly beast, right?
I thought I could and everything was going great, warm heating pad on my back, calming music on the radio… rumbling in my stomach!
Oh no! Must hold in the terrible! I was honestly doing great until Dr Humpries cracked my back… And as soon as the horrendous pain left my back and hip the horrible fetrid goat smell invaded that little exam room.
That is why I’m afraid of going to the chiropractor.
I have heard that this happens to a lot of people at the chiropractor
Want a great chiropractor? Try Dr Humpries, he does not mock even his smelliest patients. I do know for a fact that he remembered me when I called for today’s appointment though.
At least that is what I thought when I called today to make my appointment.
When I actually went into the office for my back crack a thon Dr Humpries started talking to me about Europe and I realized he thought I was C, this girl I work with who also goes to him and also is thin with black hair.
That right there cracked me up because that means when C goes back to see him, he will think she is the smelly girl!
Just in case though I’ll be chewing Gas X on the drive in.


  1. Kerstin Auer

    LOL. Too funny (I’m sure it was not for you, though). My husband actually has a chiropractor appointment in an hour and I’m gonna tell him about this and get him all freaked out 😉

  2. Nic

    My tall skinny friend went for a massage and the table collapsed under her feather light weight. Now I dread getting on any kind of therapy table/bed and tell the story to whoever is treating me as soon as I can so that if the same happens to me I can remind them that it’s not my fault it’s the table.

  3. Willow Laflamme

    Cheese is yummy, but I’m lactose intolerant, so… =p Anyway, I have been going to my chiropractor as well, for corrective measures for my bad posture. Sitting all day in front of the computer at work gives me back pains. I was afraid to go at first, but after explaining the procedure and now that I see the positive results, I’m SOOO glad I pushed through with it.

    Willow Laflamme

  4. Lura Wiechmann

    This is one of those scenarios that you thought only happened in comedies. But like you said, it allegedly happens a lot, so maybe your chiropractor is already used to it. So much so that he’s developed selective smelling or maybe even selective amnesia. :p Kidding aside, he was great for not making you feel embarrassed about it. Thanks for sharing the laughs, Amber!


  5. Shan Salas

    I also asked myself why I was afraid of seeing a chiropractor after reading the start of your post. I guess I’m really afraid to hear the cracking of my bones when a chiropractor starts popping it. Hehe! Anyway, my first chiropractic treatment was horrible, but then I’m glad that my chiropractor was so kind and that he didn’t embarrass me too. Well, I think they’re really getting used to all their patient’s various reactions about them.

    -Shan Salas-

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