That Famous Tijuana Sunset

     ” I just want to make it to Tijuana in time to catch the sunset!”

       I don’t think anyone has ever uttered those words before, but I did, on Thanksgiving. Who wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving in good old TJ? Nothing says Thanksgiving more than donkey shows and tequila!

     After a fantastic Thanksgiving feast of lobster, turkey, sweet potatoes and cheese cake we went heading south towards the streets of Tijuana on Thanksgiving. We were hoping to make it twenty miles to the east to the little seaside beach town of Rosarito Beach in time to catch the sunset.

The great thing about driving the freeways of Southern California about two p.m. on Thanksgiving? Most Californians are busy stuffing their faces and watching football! There was very little traffic and we rolled through Tijuana just as the sun was setting. 
By the time we checked into our suite the view from our balcony overlooking the ocean was incredible.
We ordered a few margaritas that evening, made some new American friends at the bar and our Mexico vacation was off to a great start!