Stuck at Home; Day Six

     This is day six of the forest being off limits.
     Six days ago Chris Dorner went on a cop killing spree in Southern California.
    After he raced up to a Riverside Police Car on Arlington Street in the middle of the night, slammed on the breaks when he was next to the cruiser and shot two cops through his open passenger window he drove up to the San Bernardino National Forest to hide.
     Chris Dorner’s Nissan pickup was found on fire in the Big Bear Valley on an old dirt road where I run quite often. This road is graded and in good condition yet CNN is reporting that he broke the axle on the truck, which makes no sense to me. How could you brake an axle on a truck on that road unless you were driving really fast, like fifty miles an hour? Everyone in Southern California thinks he left the burning truck as a distraction and is long gone now, I think that he panicked and is still in our community some where. If he’s still in the forest he’s probably dead already; the low last night was eight degrees and the weather was blizzard like, winds and blinding blowing snow.
     Just the thought that there might be a mad man with a gun out in the forest is enough to keep me stranded at home.
     That means no trail running for me and I am not happy about that at all.
     I ran over thirty miles last week and friends have told me I’m over doing it training for my half marathon and I need to slow down or risk getting injured. It looks like I’m taking a break from running for a few days.
    The only exercise I’m getting is working out with free weights in my living room while watching a Rescue Me marathon in between watching the news every hour for updates.
    Plus shoveling sixteen inches of snow that fell yesterday and over night.
    I’m really dying to go out and go snow shoeing.
   I really hope they catch this guy today.
    I’m so tired of being coped up in my house.


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