Stonehenge; That One Really Cold Day in England

     England is a damp place to visit. But it’s worth it for crazy cool sites like Stonehenge.
     It has always been a damp, cold, and dreary place every time I have flown across the pond for pasties, chips and a few cold pints of Stella.
     But that is just fine with me. I absolutely adore the cold wet weather.
     On a cold and rainy England day some friends decided to road trip a few hours to Stonehenge to check out the prehistoric monument and check out what these big rocks were all about.
     To see the massive stones of Stonehenge in person was just phenomenal.

     I know, I know I look like a drowned rat in all the photos we took that winters day. As we walked around and listened to the audio tour on our head sets a freezing rain was driving down in our faces, pelting us.

     Ryan and I took two pictures each before we gave up and dived back into the warm car.
   “Can we have some more of that delicious milky English tea now?
    We asked, shivering and wet all over the backseat of the car.
    What I remember most about the Stonehenge day was all the warm food we ate on that cold winters day
    We stopped at a gas station on the way north of the town of Salisbury to get hot pasties; warm little meat pie snacks that are cooked in a pastry and I can finish in about two bites, bites of lamb and peas escaping from my finger tips.
    After Stonehenge we were wet and dripping from the cold so we stopped at a local British restaurant chain, the Little Chef and had a full English breakfast even though it was nearing afternoon at that point.

      Our day out at Stonehenge was all and all really breathtaking, and really cold. I look freezing in every picture. After Stonehenge we were ready to drive back, warm up and get ready for a night out drinking and clubbing in Cambridge. We had a great time seeing a live band, and eating midnight Swarmas.

     Why don’t they have midnight street food in the states?
     Big mistake United States.
     Of course we had to end this trip a few years ago with a trip to Paris for a few days, but that in itself is a whole different adventure for another time.


  1. zoe

    Stonehenge is one of my favorite places. And there’s a really wonderful henge down the road that not too many people know about on the right hand side. So the next time you get back there it’s worth a stop even in the freezing rain.

  2. Linda Lange

    You’ve changed my impression of British food … I always heard it was nothing to write home about. Now I’d love to travel there and eat the yummy things you described. Oh yes, and see Stonehenge, too, of course!

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