Some days I Feel Like I’m surrounded by Assholes

   Today is a complainy kind of day.
   I hate stupid people.
  I hate people who abuse animals.
  I hate people who litter and breed little litterers (Is that a word?)
  (Is complainy even a word?)

    I just want to go for my run through a pristine Alpine forest and come back and enjoy horse racing, my favorite sport.
    When I step out my front door every morning the first thing I see is all the garbage the neighbor hood kids leave every morning at the bus stop.
   Now I know I have complained about the neighborhood children and their cigarette smoking parents before and how they live in this gorgeous forest and yet they litter like mad, but every day I get re mad when I see the trash. I also fear for the health of these children who have Cup of Noodles and soda every morning for breakfast  (If mommy wasn’t to busy cooking meth maybe she could make her kids a real breakfast?)
   I’m actually not a very mean, vengeful person but I do hate with a passion, people who abuse animals. I love the sport of horse racing with all my heart and it sickens me the ass holes involved with the sport who abuse and drug horses.
  What made me go off on this little rant was watching my favorite Friday horse racing handicapping/ news show, Blinkers Off with Matt Carothers and special guest Ray Paulick. These two commentators were talking this morning about a bunch of drama going on in Louisiana this week.
   In Louisiana the Louisianan State Racing Association is having on going hearings from eight different trainers who are appealing their cases, trying to say they did not drug their race horses. Now some of these trainers say they don’t even pay attention to what medications are given to their horses before races. Seriously? That is their job! They are the boss of their stable? What the fuck else do they do every morning just sit around drinking coffee and bull shitting?
   In horse racing it doesn’t matter who handles the horse; whether it be the trainer, the jockey, the groom or the hot walker. If a horse gets drugged, it’s the trainers fault. That is just the rule. Yet all these trainers say they have no idea how the horses were drugged and when they are asked questions, all the answers are “I can’t remember” or  “I don’t know what your talking about” They all seem so completely ignorant like they have NO IDEA what is going on in their barns. There all pretty much coming up with the excuse “Well, the vet didn’t give the drug ( Nicknamed Frog Juice) to the horses and neither did the groom, so I really don’t know what’s going on”
   Really? How can you take absolutely no responsibility? These guys seem so amazingly guilty to me and they deserve to be kicked out of horse racing for good. (Which they probably will be)
   Some of the trainers don’t even have attorneys working with them and they are pretty much making fools of themselves in front of the Louisiana State Racing Association.
   These people really give the sport of horse racing a bad name. Rumor has it if found guilty they could be kicked out of horse racing for five years, but I think they deserve to be banned from the sport for a life time.