Smelly Dog Dry Shampoo Essential Oil Elixir

This first week in April has been a challenging week for me as a pet owner. In the last week, I’ve survived an epidemic (So far) had to defend my pup’s honor from a coyote and helped my cat fightback from the brink of death. No wonder I have started putting Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee earlier and earlier in the morning. These are challenging times we are living in even without sick pets that are constantly looking at me with sad eyes and begging not to go to the vet, not again. Thank God for Pumpkin Spice White Russians on days like this.

o Everyone is stressed, except for this cat who has started day drinking.

For us pet owners, our pets are so important to us every day and especially in these trying times. Our pets are more important than ever. When we are stressed out snuggling our dogs or cats can ease life’s anxieties. In these self-isolation days, taking our dog for three walks a day is a great stress reliever, gets us out of the house and helps work off that COVID fifteen that most of us can see on our butts. We have all seen the memes on social media about how ecstatic our pets are in March 2020 through this COVID-19 epidemic, with their humans at home twenty-four seven and multiple walks a day. Most of us are stressed about losing jobs and not having a paycheck coming in, let alone our health and the health of family members. I don’t know about you, but my pets seem to be living their best life through these trying times.

When a family pet gets sick it is always stressful and even more so right now when we have to pay for vet bills and some of us, okay, a lot of us are not working. That has been my week. My sweet little kitty cat has had a major stomach illness. I’ve had a lot of felines in my life and never had a cat who has been sick like this ever. After three days of her refusing to eat, she seems to be on the mend now. Thank the Lord. But we had quite a stressful three days full of puking, force-feeding tuna juice and Bailey’s and Coffee. (Okay the Bailey’s was for me)Pet

A crazy cat lady rides out a pandemic

After three days of my sweet baby Dahlia refusing to eat I had to get serious. When I was stocking up our cupboards at our local market a few weeks back I realized we have no canned goods in our house, whatsoever. That is probably not being very prepared when you live in earthquake country. This was in the great toilet paper horde-fest of March 2020 and our canned goods options at our small-town market were bleak, to say the rest. I knew I wouldn’t be getting down anywhere near Los Angeles, a two-hour drive away from us for probably a month so buying high quality organic canned goods was not an option. I basically grabbed a bunch of the cheap-ass tuna they had available at our local market and I figured even if we never used it I could feed it to the cats. Fast forward to today and trying to force-feed a kitty cat tuna juice and I realized all the cans of tuna I grabbed are packed in olive oil! WTF? Why would you take something healthy like tuna and dredge it in olive oil? It’s pretty damn ridiculous but when you have a sick pet and you are trying to get them to eat some calories it actually works out well.

Of course, this was after I tried to convince her to drink the tuna juice. (What kind of cat turns their nose up at tuna juice?) I also opened up three different brands of canned cat food, passed out some Friskies treats, sliced up some rotisserie chicken and dangled a bowl of cream under her nose. Nothing worked. Meanwhile, my kitchen looked like the Bellagio Buffet for cats. I had one hell of a sick pet on my hands. And that was

“Tuna with olive oil? Are you fucking kidding me?”

when I started putting tuna oil juice on her gums with my fingers.

Luckily Dahlia did recover and is back to being the pet food vacuum cleaner she usually is. So now I can move on to other pet problems. No, not when I will go back to work. No, not when will I get paid again. No, not why did that old man just sneeze on all the bananas at the market. But, why on earth does my dog smell so bad?

What the hell did she roll in?

A little help for your stinky pet

Have you ever wondered how on earth can I make this dog not smell like skunk poo? This is a real problem I had in my

Here at the Bellagio cat buffet, we offer unlimited catnip.

life this week. Was this week stressful? Maybe.

  • Number one, a sick kitty cat, vet bills, etc, oh and like so many millions, I’m out of work right now.
  • Number two, yes obviously the whole COVID-19 situation.
  • And number three, what the hell did my dog just roll in?

Last Saturday dawned sunny and gorgeous in our mountain town and Donna and I had the need to move and take advantage of the sunshine before another snowstorm moved in that afternoon. We decided to climb one of the butt busting hills in our neighborhood with my favorite four-legged pet, My Asshole Dog. Somehow on this walk, Carly rolled in something ridiculous I could not identify. It was stinky and brown. Luckily when Donna and I got back from our ass-kicking neighborhood walk, my boyfriend had a fire going in our fireplace and our house was so warm inside, almost seventy-five degrees. Optional temperature for giving a stinky dog a bath in the bathtub in winter. Luckily, Carly is actually a pretty easy dog to wash

Carly. Living her best life. Happily smelling like poo.

in the bathtub, shes under thirty pounds and she puts up with it. I gave her a bath and after that, the entire house reeked of wet dog. Awesome.

Two hours later I gave her a sniff and she smelled worst then she did before I bathed her! What on earth had she rolled in? Thank God I told this story to Elaine and she gave me this recipe for life-changing Smelly Dog Dry Shampoo Essential Oil Elixir.

This Smelly Dog Dry Shampoo Essential Oil Elixir will change your life if you, like me, are the owner of a smelly dog. I have never, ever in my five years of being a dog person, found something that can remove that dog stank. This dry dog shampoo is just fantastic. I do recommend giving your dog a bath first and letting their fur dry completely but if you don’t have time to bath Frido, just rub some of this awesome dry shampoo into your pet’s stinky fur.

Smelly Dog Dry Shampoo Essential Oil Elixir

No more dog stank!

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup baking soda

15 drops either lavender oil or eucalyptus oil

Mix all three ingredients together. I like to keep this in a mason jar.

Bring your pup outside and liberally rub this all over Fido’s stinky fur. The white powder goes everywhere, so doing this outside is very important.


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