Senora Loca Del Gato

Tonight I crossed the line and became that crazy American.

All because I really, really like kitty cats.

Or maybe I crossed the line to crazy cat lady? It could be both. One thing is for sure, and that is we can not go back to the Kitty Cat Mercado again anytime soon because I’m pretty sure the grumpy mujer cashier thinks I’m going to try to shove a kitten in my oversized handbag.

As cute as these Baja California kittens are I’m not a kitty cat kleptomaniac. To be perfectly frank, I have never compulsively stolen a meow meow in all my life. Even when they are cute and snuggly as these kittens.


This afternoon we went back to the Mercado for soda water and ice. We really did need more ice, I’m not making this up! And I may have been distracted by snuggling sleepy meow meows and forgot the ice entirely.

We do really like ice at our villa on the beaches of Baja, but not enough to visit the mercado twice in one day. We were obviously there just to snuggle wuggle kittens and the employees were not pleased to see us. As in the first time we walked into the Mercado yesterday one of the employees flat out glared at me.

The great thing about kittens is they grow up to look like this. Also, it may be my brothers birthday today.

This just got awkward. I have crossed the line to Senora Loca Del Gato.

I mean it’s not like we don’t have a vacation cat at our villa.

We do have a vacation cat who is also very snuggly. (Who we may have illegally smuggled back to the United States but that is another story) But really, who can say no to kittens? It’s worth paying 500 pesos for another Mexican blanket that my boyfriend will hate if I can just snuggle wuggle one last kitten before we say adios Baja in the a.m.