Sally and Nora, My Good Luck Charms

I had a weekend of pure fun and yet made some money at the same time.

Of course I don’t mean on betting. Betting wise I was almost completely shut out this weekend although I did hit a little tiny Pick Three. Forty dollars; it was cute really. I also helped the guys I mentored at the track all day long hit quite a few longshots and exacta boxes so even if I had an ice cold day, at least I helped some one be a big winner!

where I couldn’t hit the exact up or trifecta to save my life.
I think I’m becoming one of those gamblers who has to do really weird things like feed the Clydesdale a peppermint before I even think to log into my Twinspires account.

If I have to pet a furry horse or two for good luck, you know what, I think I will.

Before I worked at Santa Anita Race Track I was known to bet a buck or two here and there on a Saturday afternoon.  Now I have so much new knowledge of the sport of kings (And that knowledge is growing every day!) I feel tempted to bet way more often. Of course it’s beyond frustrating when I spend hours going over the racing form and the morning work out reports than my coworker picks out a horse who has some random thing to do with Bernie Sanders and she wins and I end up holding a handful of losing Pick Threes and Exacta Box tickets.

And that is why I have to pet a Clydesdale.

I’ve always been kind of superstitious but now I’ve got this crazy thought in my head that if I don’t put the Clydesdale and feed her a peppermint before work then I will not hit the pick four today.

It started with the day I hit a five hundred dollar superfecta box. Now I have to pet a Clydesdale every day.