S is for… San Gorgonio

   He who has not descended Old Grey Back is like a savage who listens to the tuning up of an orchestra and goes off pleased- thinking he has heard the concert – Theodore S Van Dyke 1875

   In the beginning of May I’m planning to climb San Gorgonio with some friends.
   The peak is at just over 11,503 feet, the highest summit in the San Bernardino Mountain Range.
   A month ago, I stood at the top of Mt Sugarloaf, the second highest peak in this range and starred across at Old Grey Back, willing the snow at the top to melt already so we could plan our spring time hike.
   This will be a practice run for when we do Mt Whitney in June.
   San Gorgonio will be about seventeen miles round trip.
   Mt Whitney will be a twenty two mile round trip hike.
   I’ve been doing some cross training with mountain biking (Which is kicking my ass!) Trying to get in shape for both of these hikes.
   It’s going to be an intense two months of training and hiking.



  1. opinion8dhermit

    wow that will be intense but memorable. I want photos! Esp of Gorgonio since it’s basically in our back yards but kind of menacing, being only reachable by trails and all.

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