Mountain Biking so I can eat homemade Twix Bars… made with Nutella!!!!

    Mountain biking is kicking my ass.
    Luckily for me, this ass kicking has made my ass slightly smaller which is good because I have been on a complete dessert kick this past week.
   Today I made Homemade Twix Bars with Nutella, and Homemade Smores Cookies with Carmel. (The smores recipe will be up in a few days)
   I also made Fried Lobster Raviolis (And than ate them very quickly before my date showed up and I had to share)
   Yeah that’s how I roll.
   Back to the mountain biking; I never expected it to be this hard or my ass this sore.
   I have been told by friends that mountain biking is easier than running.
   I think they lied.
   I have been mountain biking for about a week now.
   My ass hurts.
   Actually, I kind of hurt every where.
   I was holding up my bike with my thighs last night, after my legs got so weak  after pedaling up a massive hill. I had to take an emergency break at the top of the hill; than my legs gave out and my bike fell on me.
   My ankles are cut up…
   I look like I got in a fight with a mountain bike.
   I need to eat some homemade chocolates to erase my pain!
   Mountain biking is not easy! I have been doing the easiest, flattest trails I can find in this mountain area and still I find even the smallest hills exhausting.
   Still I am really enjoying my little rides.
   Yes, very little.
   Last night I did two and a half miles (This was right after a three and a half mile run) and that was the farthest I have biked yet.
    I have friends who bike sixty miles in a day! I find that incredible tonight.
   After exhausting myself with the mountain biking, I came home and whipped up this easy recipe.
   I did burn my fingers a little on the hot carmel, so watch out for that, but seriously, these are so good and easy to assemble. You don’t even have to turn on the oven!
   Make them tonight.
   I did not come up with this recipe.
   A complete genius did.
   Check out
   You can thank me later;
   These are magical.
   I used Trader Joe’s Honey Wheat Pretzels because they are the best pretzels ever.

   Please check out this amazing recipe over at

This month I’m doing the A-Z Challenge, through out the month of April, blogging a different letter Monday through Saturday. Today’s letter was T for Twix


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