Pastries and Earth Quakes?

     When the toilet vibrates something is wrong.

     I had just driven one third of the way home from my Eastern Sierras vacation. I had been up since five a.m. I ran ten miles in the mountains with a two thousand foot altitude gain and than hiked for a mile near Convict Lake.
     I was a bit tired and distracted when I stopped for snacks and goodies at Schat’s Bakery in Bishop California, home of the most delicious fresh baked breads, Dutch pastries galore and great chocolates that taste like they came straight from Holland.
     Before filling up on Dutch snacks and souvenirs I made a beeline for the toilets.
     I hadn’t used a real bathroom ( that was not a pit toilet) in days.
     I was quite excited to use a toilet that not only flushed but was not covered in flies.
     I sat down and did my thing.
    And I swear the toilet started vibrating.
    This is Southern California and earth quakes are typical. Although they don’t usually happen when I have my pants down.
    I pulled up my pants and walked out of the stall and asked the ditsy looking blond who had walked out of the other stall if we had just had a earthquake.
    She told me that she had been driving and had not noticed.
    I told her no it just happened now while I was on the toilet.

    Than I started laughing, because okay sounds that sounds ridiculous.
    So she gave me a dirty look and walked out of the rest room.

    This could be why I have so few female friends, because girls do not find toilet humor funny.
    I washed my hands and followed her out sure we had just had a 5.0 or larger quake right under the Dutch bakery.
    I walked out of the bathroom and the floor was still shaking!

    Schat’s was so busy on a Friday afternoon with all the weekend traffic just starting to roll through the small town, why was no one else noticing this?!
   As I passed by the fresh bread counter I heard a high pitched sound, turned my head and looked back into the open door of the bakery kitchen… and saw that the bakers were using the industrial size mixer and it was shaking the whole building!

    It honestly had felt like an intense bathroom earthquake.




  1. Shanique Roca

    Lol we can be friends.. I can do toilet humor…

    I can’t imagine what she thought about you in that single moment, vibrating toilet? what were you doing girl>

  2. Janelle

    Bwahahahaha!!! I also suck at being friends with other girls. And I live in Japan so I can definitely relate to feeling phantom earthquakes. Now you’ve given me one more thing to be afraid of – an earthquake while I’m on the toilet. The squat toilet. EWWWWWWWW.

  3. Dawn Beronilla

    Being an Albertan, the thought of earthquakes scare the… uh… crap out of me. (ZING!) Tornadoes? No big thing, but for some reason earthquakes are terrifying! Industrial size mixers I’m okay with though. Haha.
    Fun story!

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