N is for…. No Pictures Please

    I have no great pictures of any of the races I have run, whether it be a 5 K or a half marathon.
   All the pictures taken of me at these events are way to embarrassing for Face Book.
   I look exhausted in most as I powered through so many miles.
   I look annoyed in all the pictures from my first half marathon last year.
   The whole race a forty year old accountant from Seal Beach tried to run with me and talk to me the whole time.
   I spent the whole race trying to ignore and out run him.
    I finally lost him in the last mile.
    At the finish line my buddy Johnny asked me with a smirk
   “Where is your new friend?”
    The accountant from Seal Beach was just one reason I look annoyed in every picture from the Big Bear Ridge Run last October.
   Also I did not train enough and by mile seven I felt like I would barely finish. So it took a lot out of me to out run that annoying man to the finish line, than grab my free chili before he could find me.
   So yeah, I have an annoyed look on my face in just about every picture from my first half marathon.
   In my recent race in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon, I was running so hard the whole time I have a look of concentration on my face every time a photographer snapped a picture.
   The pictures all look very professional, but every picture on Red Rocks website, if I did want to purchase one, start at thirteen dollars for a five by seven print!
   I don’t want to pay that much money for a picture where I look like a wreck anyways!
   Than there are the one or two pictures floating out there on the world wide web of me doing the Mt Baldy race last year.
   That is the race where I got extreme altitude sickness and puked all over Mt Baldy.
   Those are also pictures that no one needs to see, ever, ever.