Here come the Snow Pigs, Happy Earth Day

Earth Day was a week ago and all over California thousands of Californians are celebrating Mother Earth by treating her like a toilet. I simply adore the wilderness and kind of hate the city-iots (An Idiot from the city that does stupid city things in rural areas. … Look at that city-iot putting snow chains on in the middle of the highway, what an idiot!! OMG …) and when I see my favorite forests covered in graffiti, smeared in human feces and covered in discarded beer bottles, yes I get a bit angry. And yes I just said feces. As in, why are the city-iots pooping on my favorite hiking trails in the middle of the forest? My cat knows enough to cover his scat and he literally has a brain the size of a quarter. I used to go hiking at Aztec Falls near Lake Arrowhead for so many years. That creek was such a beautiful place ten years ago. The serenity of the creek was rashed during the height of the pandemic that USFS actually closed Deep Creek for a few years or until people are smart enough to hike again without raping the land.Aztec Falls

The sanctuary of hiking at Aztec Falls was so destroyed by man during the global pandemic, that I doubt this wilderness area will be open again in the next few years. I think it’s just fantastic that this global pandemic and back in the day the self-quarantine has given people the free time to get outside and away from technology, ticktock and Netflix binges but for the love of God, I don’t understand why these snow pigs insist on going to the most beautiful places and leaving their Big Mac wrappers in the brush or throwing their White Claw bottles in the creek bed. This is not Disneyland. Smokey the Bear is not going to follow you through the forest picking up your waste.

Back in the day, I used to love hiking to Aztec Falls at Deep Creek. It used to be a hidden swimming hole fifteen years ago before Facebook and iPhones. Now apps like All Trails give you an exact map of how to hike right to the Aztec Falls toilet. I mean the swimming hole. As awesome as the internet is for so many reasons (Like cat videos) this is one way that technology is raping our great planet.  Before the forest closure, every time I went hiking at Aztec Falls, there were fifty people cliff-jumping while very drunk. There are broken glass bongs all over the granite rocks and these days usually a group of seventeen-year-old high school students drinking cheap beer and smoking weed. It was so bad during the pandemic when all the high school kids were out of school and let to roam wild in the mountains. I think they are safer social distancing at school, wearing masks and hand sanitizing at the beginning and end of each class than drunkenly jumping off a forty-foot cliff, into a swimming hole down below that probably has broken beer bottles lining the bottom.Aztec Falls

I miss my spring days at the creek. I’m sad that my new puppy will never get to swim in the cold creek waters on a hot summer’s day. It’s heartbreaking how we just can’t have nice things in southern California, like nature.  Some people just can’t adult and pick up their dirty diapers, discarded sleds in the winter and cigarette butts.