My Gross Smart Phone

      My best friend lives in Japan. She bought me driving gloves last year because I guess they are the in fashionable thing over there. I realize now, my driving gloves should be my Smart Phone Gloves.
    My other bff and I just purchased our first smart phones, and now we spend most of our lunch break every day polishing our smart phones. I mean when were not at El Burrito wolfing down green sour cream, I mean guacamole.
   How do people keep these phones clean? It has become an obsession of mine! My phone is so greasy and gross all the time. It makes no sense to me. My hands always seem so dry, how is my phone so greasy? Is the smart phone sucking all the omega three rich oils out of my body that I carefully digest every day?
And for the love of god, is that buffalo sauce?
I haven’t had Buffalo Chicken Strips in two weeks!


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