Mountain cars

  This is what a jeep is ‘spose to look like.
  This is what the jeep looked like after the three hour drive in snow from Mammoth Lakes to South Lake Tahoe.
    This is what most mountain cars look like in the winter months.

    I just returned to my own snowy home a few days ago, and as I bounded through my snowy un shoveled driveway, I noticed one thing…

  I had the cleanest car in the neighborhood.

  I had been on vacation for six days and my Subaru was still shining white no dirty brown marks to be seen from mountain driving this time of year. I probably have the cleanest car in the mountains, as I had not been driving around my neighborhood all week sloshing my car in muddy snow dirt.

I’ve been back from vacation for two days now and I feel so fantastic and rested, it’s awesome what a good relaxing vacation can do. 

Yet, I look at this picture of the dirty jeep, from when we pulled into our hotel at Lake Tahoe, snowy trees in the back ground and I think, aww, I just can’t wait to go on vacation again.